Here’s a list of questions that I often get asked – you should ask them of any wedding DJ that you are thinking of hiring and see how they answer!

Have you played at our venue before?
There’s a considerable chance that I may have, but if not, I’m happy to arrange a venue visit.
Is your equipment PAT tested?
Yes, all my sound and lighting equipment and related leads are PAT tested on an annual basis.
Are you covered by Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, I hold a current PLI policy via AMPDJ.
Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?
Yes, I’m a member of the Association of Mobile and Party DJ’s. (AMPDJ)
Do you have a microphone we can use for toasts and announcements?
Yes, I can supply a microphone for you to use.
Do you bring backup equipment with you to the event?
Yes, I take backups of my major pieces of equipment to all bookings.
How far in advance should we book?
As far ahead as you can!
Do you offer a written contract?
Yes, and I have a clear cancellation policy too.
Can we meet with you before we book you and do we meet again before the event?
Yes, I prefer to meet my clients in person so we can get to know each other. We can meet again a few weeks before the event takes place to discuss the finer points of the booking and make any minor changes.
How long will you hold our date for us?
I will hold your date for for a week after a meeting has taken place and you have received a quotation.
How much of a deposit is required to secure the date?
I ask for a deposit of 50% of the agreed hire fee.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, I can take credit card payments via Paypal. I will charge a 5% processing fee for this service.
Can we visit you at a performance?
I’m afraid not. As all the events I perform at are private I’m not in a position to invite other people along (in the same way I wouldn’t invite people to your party). I also tailor every event to match the clients requirements so what I play at someone else’s might not be to your taste. I’d be happy to meet up with you to discuss your plans at a mutually convenient location.
What do you require us to provide?
Basically, shelter, heating (if it’s cold) and electricity! I don’t need a table and white cloth as I have my own DJ stand.
How much would you charge for overtime?
If you want me to carry on playing beyond the hours you have booked and paid for I am more than happy to do this! Overtime will be charged at £50.00 per half hour or part thereof. Before overtime can commence, I will have to clear it with the venue management and the extra charge will have to be paid in cash.
How involved will we be in selecting music for our event?
Very involved if you want to be. You can build your dream playlist using my online planning system.
Can my guests submit music requests?
Yes, they can do this via my online planning system
Can we compile a “Do Not Play” list?
Yes – this is very important!
When do we need to submit our music requests?
All request lists will need to be completed three weeks before the event. If you want to change any of your special songs (such as the first dance etc) nearer the date then I will of course accommodate this, as long as I have enough time to source the song.
How do you dress when you DJ?
I’ll dress how you want me to (within reason!) We can talk about this when we meet.
Do you display advertising materials for your company?
No, I never, ever do this as I feel that it is highly unprofessional to use a client’s private event to advertise my business. If your guests would like to hire me for their event, then I can give them a card and I will contact them in my own time.
Do you DJ at more than one event in a day?
No, your event will be the only job that I book for that date.
Do you require a meal?
Eating a meal can be very difficult if I am playing at the time! If your food is going to be served before I start my performance, then yes, I’d be very grateful if a meal could be provided.
Do you take any breaks?
No, but I may need to use the W.C. during a performance. However, I have a selection of longer songs I can play which will give me enough time to go and come back without any gaps in the music!
Do you drink when you perform?
No, I never drink alcohol while performing.
When do you arrive to set up?
I like to arrive two hours before the event starts so I can unload, park and set up. It will take me around two hours to pack down and load the equipment after a booking.
Do you make announcements?
Yes, I can make announcements, but only if you want me to…
Do you only DJ for weddings?
No, I am available to hire for all types of events, such as Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and Corporate Events.